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Why investing in this industry is a safe bet?

By 2020, India will have more than 87 crore people of working age - the world’s highest!

Instead of housing the world's highest economic population, the country is going to have a massive unemployment rate. A report by Indiaspend says that less than 50% of India's population is fully employed. Other reports point out that most of this unemployment is due to lack of skills development.

IAMR states that the total number of people who need to be trained by 2022 is between 24.9 & 29 crores across different industries.

This creates a huge demand for professional skills development and/or training. A recent survey found out that 87% of people are happy in a creative career, and we're proud to tell you out of that 87 %, more than 12,000 have started their creative careers under the able guidance of Cherag Bambboat throughout different locations of Magical Makeovers!

Sources: Institute of Applied Manpower Research (IAMR) a Government of India think-tank, Outlook Op-Ed by Aakar Patel, executive director, Amnesty International India.

Why partner with us?


• Our Franchisees are our partners.
• Bet on a fast-growing makeup industry.
• Be trained and driven.
• Take advantage of our commercial and marketing actions.
• Ensure a profitable project.
• Benefit from our permanent and regular
• Become an independent business owner. OPERATE AS A FRANCHISEE

*Statistics show that success rates of franchises are significantly higher than those of individuals starting their own business concept.

Why become a Franchisee?

We have a successful business model, and we will share these secrets with you. This means your ability to succeed in business is hugely enhanced as being part of the MagicalMakeovers team you can immediately charge our professional rates. We provide you with all the resources required to run your business as we've already cracked the secret.

• Teaching Cutting Edge and Creative Makeup Styling's which lead the fashion market
• The Makeup Industry in India is expected to rise 20% yearly being driven by strong income growth
• Indian consumers tend to look at International brands as lifestyle enhancement products, they perceive foreign brands as being of superior quality
• A highly profitable business model generating huge revenue growth


  • Hand-holding in the initial stages
  • Technical Support for training students
  • Marketing Support
  • Job Placement Support
  • Centre Start-up guidance
  • Business Development Support
  • Guidance on place
  • Site Selection Support
  • Ready Printed training Manual
  • Field Support

Come, become a franchisee of India’s #1 professional makeup & hair academy & fill in the gap of this huge market demand.



(Franchisee Model for those met and deemed fit)If you or your loved ones or family and or current makeup artists that are certified professionally want to get a ready-made business for the future of many years to come and more growth prospects where the goodwill is greatly known throughout India the business involves taking a franchisee of Cherag's Magical Makeovers Pvt Ltd.

Magical Makeovers academy for pro makeup and hairstyling certification was set up in 2009 by Cherag Bambboat himself at Opera House, after spending artistry time with Mac India, Clarins, Kryolan artistry director, Inglot, Bodyography, Stars cosmetics. Till date, students trained under him are 997 in numbers and growing! Fortunately in 2017 in an effort to reach every possible location in Mumbai Cherag had his students asking him for allowing franchisees of the academy, so here we started off with Malad, Matunga, Vashi, Kharghar, and Thane who have since then run successful business where the investment has been recovered by all owners of the franchisees.
Now with the growth in demand and need to accommodate more students from different locations has become important since training is in limited numbers, they get their certification that is soon going to be Govt recognized (is currently CIDESCO recognized) and the students get hired in MAC, Kryolan, Nykaa, Bodyography Inglot and more

The investment involves the following:-
(On 1st come first accepted basis)

10 lakhs in cash or 12 lakhs in white due to GST, this is a once in a lifetime franchise fee
(A location is considered booked by you if you block it with a token amount of 50,000 to 1,00,000/- INR)
After this we advertise your name to be the owner of this location and stop meeting further business educational entrepreneurs )
Then we ask you to shortlist 3-5 commercial premises, Cherag shall visit once to see all and with you mutually lock in one of them,
This is the time the balance fee of a franchisee shall be paid off, internet designs are made and provided by our team at no cost to you.
Then only your contractor shall execute directly the plan shown in case you do not have someone, we shall provide ours whom you can discuss and pay directly for work done and completion. 4-5 lakhs in interiors depends on conditions of property your workers can do the work keeping in mind similar patterns of all other locations and designs made n submitted to you by our team

You must calculate your rentals and deposit of course deposit is returned but rentals please count 35k-50k for 500-600 sqft,450 to 500 is perfect.

2 lakhs to furnish the academy with hair and makeup hair kit which is the cost after 30% off.

Accountant/admin salary,15-18 k monthly.

Artistry supervisions by our 3 years experienced trainers salary 18-20 k.

Teaching is only by Mr. Cherag Bambboat.

Housekeeping 10-14 k salary.

Google, Facebook and Instagram ads - 10k to 30 k.

Royalty payments out of your location earnings:-

  • 1-6 months 10%
  • 7-12 months 12%
  • 13 months onwards 15%
  • After 2 years from inception 20%, locked in for a future period

We get you the business with coordinating of the need of the locations advertising needed through registering location on google then our portal on our page and social media handles. We ask you to run lead generation campaigns on Instagram and Facebook through our smart savvy marketing team or you can choose your own.

We divert students from any franchisee location inquiries to your locations provided it’s the closest for their commute.
The motto/aim is to get women close to their home the service of this educational course and have them make a career that is growing and well paying for their skilled work.

We fix meetings appointments and lock the deal in for you if needed until you get the hang of it with your set teamwork no matter how long it takes.

We have had a minimum of 4-6 students in each location every month since the start of that location.

The average fees of our Hair and Makeup course is 75k to 1.20k.

  • We give lifetime member cards to our students
  • We ensure brands offer them our usual subsidy rates
  • We train you to learn to manage and steer the business through weekly franchisee meets
  • We guide students for placements
  • We keep our students on payments for working as our team for all Bollywood or any other occasions that give a great exposure opportunity to our students with daily basis payment

"We guarantee the recovery of the franchisee fees investment within a year."

We are on our way to getting government certification.

We are already CIDESCO recognized.

We aim to have our makeup legends in every location in India eventually and together, we will recast the makeup artist image for the future.

If you feel you are dedicated interested and an achiever like our role model mentor Cherag Bambboat, then your investment is welcomed and
you shall be a part of the new age education system with supporting careers and artistry at its best.
We will work to meet all interested in franchisee locations as follows

Our customers/students database has individuals ready to be enrolling in these locations. We will choose out of all who approach us who can be dedicated and permanently run the business of global education with us under our guidance and advise and our formulas to success.

Partner with Magical Makeovers by Cherag Bambboat

Enter the highly profitable makeup & hair training industry with Magical Makeovers by Cherag Bambboat. The company has been a quality education provider & has a huge network of franchisees. We are always looking for dynamic business partners to expand our footprint across India.

Your business benefits from:

  • Magical Makeovers & Cherag Bambboat's established reputation in the country
  • Job placement assistance*, provided by Magical Makeovers

Currently, we have 5 franchises in Mumbai, operated by our certified students who are now successful business owners of these franchises. Below are the locations of our academies in Mumbai:


487 A, Vora Bhuvan, Room No. 38,

2nd Floor, Kings Circle, Mumbai - 400019.


Solitaire-1, Opp. Infinity Mall, 2, New Link Rd, Malad West, Mumbai - 400064.


Shop No.12, Block No.3, Emerald Plaza,

Hiranandani Meadows, Thane(W) – 400610.


1503-A, 15th Floor, Haware Infotech Park,

Sector 30A, Vashi, Navi Mumbai- 400703.


Crystal Plaza, 1st Floor, Office no. 27,

Hiranandani Complex, Sector 7, Kharghar,

Navi Mumbai - 410210.

*Magical Makeovers does not guarantee job placements. Placements are at the sole discretion of recruiters.