The academy, its courses & some of the popular products used. The head instructor position is with Cherag Bambboat himself who strives to create fully complete & talented make-up experts by sharing his knowledge of the past 15 years and making sure its imparted to students in lay man's language. Each course can be tailor made to suit each individuals requirement in way of knowledge required, specialization category and fees payable. The most in demand has been the Magical Makeovers Pro-Course which consists of a one month course with hands on practice days in it. The timings and days are mutually agreed upon by the instructor and students catering to a win-win situation for both.

    The other courses in brief are:

  • Skin and Foundation (6 days)
  • Excelling in Eye Make-up (6 days)
  • Bridal Brilliance (8 days)
  • Awesome Airbrush (5 days)
  • Futuristic Fashion Trend (4 days)
  • Looking your best at all times (Personal grooming 3 days)

Since Cherag Bambboat has been associated with Mac,Clarins and Kryolan as brands in India, all certifications done under him after the last day Photoshoot of each course are universally understood and accepted with the above mentioned brands. The Academy is situated in South Bombay and has no affiliates or branches and in one of its kind. The brands that student use, experiment and perfect their mastery on are as below (Mac, Kryolan, Derma Color, Makeup Forever, Ben Nye, Chanel, Armani, Lancome, L'oreal, Bobbi Brown).

The air brush classes are with products from Dinair, Mac and Kryolan.

Below are some of our academy images for more image click here